What Happened in the Vermont Legislature Today Senator John Rodgers gives a blunt opinion on gun control legislation

The Vermont Legislature returned from recess today.  The House and the Senate both held short sessions this morning.
In the House and Senate sessions, both Speaker Johnson and Senate President Tim Ashe, said their body would end
immediately after the budget bill(s) were completed.  Tim Ashe stated a potential of the Senate to remain active for
three to five weeks.
The legislature should not be enacting permanent legislation by the Zoom process.  They should only be taking up
essential budget bills, CO-VID 19 necessary bills and sunset bills that must be acted upon this year.  Then depart!
House of Representatives:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iILRxDs0K0
At 13:35 minutes into the Senate session Senator John Rodgers gave very interesting comments on statements
that had happened in the Senate and he gave an informative synopsis on gun control legislation in the legislature.