Update on H484

Due to the lobbying efforts of Gun Owners of Vermont and other pro-gun groups of Vermont and due to all the phone calls from concerned gun owners throughout the state,H484 has been amended to provide an exemption for lead products pertaining to hunting and fishing.(Originally this bill proposed to require the secretary of natural resources to establish a toxic chemical identification and reduction program in which lead could have been targeted.)

Another disturbing feature of H484 was found on page 7 stating that if a certain chemical is banned in another state then it automatically becomes law here. This was also changed to read “it could be recommended” that Vermont would do the same.

Once again,thank you to all who took the time to call Montpelier. Phone calls make a difference!

This bill is currently in the Judiciary committee in Montpelier. It would make it mandatory to lock up all firearms if any child under the age of 18 could have access to them. It would be a criminal offence if a child obtained access to a firearm and discharged it. The owner would face imprisonment and a fine up to 10,000. This bill takes the responsibility out of parents’ hands and places the burden on all the citizens of Vermont.The term “children” also applies to teenagers some of whom are excellent hunters, participate in junior shooting programs, and are very responsible with their guns.

This bill also invites criminal activity by announcing that the people of Vermont will have to unlock their guns before defending themselves and their families. Please call Speaker of the House, Shap Smith, at 1-800-322-5616 and tell him NO on H737.