The three Burlington Gun Control Ordinances Proposals passed…BTV phase is over

The results are in and all three gun control ballot issues passed.
Now the BTV phase of this battle is over.

The vote count available now is down below.

Their ball, their court, their ref, their rules, their refs, their timekeeper,
their scorekeeper and their scoreboard in BTV. It won’t be that way
in the state house and our guys will be very motivated.

BTV city hall knows it has been in a fight. It will be a whole different
game in the state house. The legislators will be able to see what was
is actually in the proposed gun control ordinances and not just the limited
language listed on the ballot.

The Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs conducted a campaign
to make the public aware of what was actually in Burlington’s proposed
gun control ordinances. This was done to off-set the misinformation
about what was really in the proposed gun control resolutions.

These proposed gun control ordinances are an attack on our vital
Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights. This is law we must defend.

The three gun control ordinances are not based on sound public policy, and
are certainly in contempt of the state and federal constitution. These ballot
issues are the work of politicians playing political shenanigans and nothing

Many thanks for the folks who funded and helped with the radio ads, lawn
signs and Burlington Free Press full page ad that ran on Sunday

Seize firearms at domestic investigations:
Yes: 5,579
No: 2,066

Bar firearms from First Class Liquor License Establishments
Yes: 5,194
No: 2,517

Locking up guns in homes
Yes: 4,351
No: 2,971