Scott Sticking to His Guns on Waiting Period Veto

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MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) Vermont Gov. Phil Scott is sticking to his guns and standing by his veto of a bill creating a waiting period to buy handguns from the last session.

Gov. Phil Scott
Researchers from Harvard University presented data last week showing that waiting periods reduce gun homicides and suicides by up to 12 percent.

In the last session, Scott vetoed a bill which creates a 24-hour waiting period to receive a handgun after purchase. He said there wasn’t enough research on the topic and that he had done enough to tackle guns in his sweeping gun bills back in 2018.

Additionally, in his proposed budget, Scott also says he’s invested more than $2 million in early intervention and suicide prevention resources.

The governor says the state should focus on red flag laws, which allow law enforcement to take away firearms from someone who could be a harm to themselves or others.

“I would also ask the experts from Harvard if they have compared states that have red flag laws and if they’ve done any research on how effective that has been,” said Scott, R-Vermont.

We told you on Wednesday how six towns in Vermont and others across the country are passing resolutions creating “Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities.” They’re aimed at sending a message to lawmakers that they oppose any new gun laws including waiting periods and carrying semiautomatic firearms in a public place.

When asked about them, Scott didn’t comment on the movement behind the resolutions but he did acknowledge that they’re mostly symbolic. He also says that no matter what resolutions are passed by towns, state and federal law will prevail and people will have to adhere to the rules.