Say “No” to S.141!

It’s time to start calling your State Reps and ask them to say no to S.141. The number for the Sargent at Arms is 802 828 2228.

Talking points are at this link:…/…/Senate-Vote-No-on-S141.txt

To see the bill visit:…/S-0141{c78b7ea562d14aa1f08e4d48fa5838cee7e11fea7bb763f970182b84d63034ca}20As{c78b7ea562d14aa1f08e4d48fa5838cee7e11fea7bb763f970182b84d63034ca}20Introduced.p…

If possible e-mail them also and let us know their replies.

Remember to be accurate and polite.

We have a better chance of winning this in the house because Senator Campbell can’t twist any arms there.

Link to the house reps: