Read the Start of the End of the Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights

If you are unable to attend tomorrow night:
Please don’t sit idle on this and think the next person will do this for you!
Information is below.
This is extremely important!
Thank you,
Clint Gray,
Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, Inc.

Care Trak Northeast

Want to read how serious the City of Burlington is about running all over the law that
protects your rights? Below are are the Charter Changes the City of Burlington is
seeking tomorrow night at 6 PM, Burlington City Hall.

Even if you think these restriction are reasonable, if the City of Burlington gets these
changes approved by the legislature, you can kiss goodbye to the protections of your
Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights. These are just the first wave of the first attack.

This is exactly why they are starting in Burlington. Once the anti-gun, anti-hunting,
anti-everything folks blow open the Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights.
Resolution Charter Changes Concerning Ban on Firearms Liquor License
Resolution Charter Changes Concerning Concealed Firearm Permits
Resolution Charter Changes Concerning Safe Storage of Firearms
Resolution Charter Changes Concerning Seizure of Firearms Domestic Abuse

Did you know the Vermont Supreme Court cited the Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights
last year in protecting the right to fish on the Berlin Pond? Once that law is blown apart
municipalities can pursue whatever bans or regulations they want on your rights.
What can you do? Read on and pass this along to those who will join in the battle.

The Burlington City Council public hearing on its proposed gun control ordinance
is 6 PM on Monday. It is at 6 P.M. at Burlington City Hall.
The city council and the mayor are still proposing a gun control ordinance that
would slice and dice our Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights If the city gets away
with enacting its ordinance it will do so by opening a legal gate by which towns &
cities all over the state will be able to pursue enacting gun ban laws, they will be
able to strictly regulate shooting, ranges, hunting, fishing and trapping.
You can be at city hall, wear highly visible hunter orange and politely say:
No Burlington Gun Control!
To voice your opposition to Burlington bringing about the enacting of NYC-type gun
laws in Vermont you can E-mail the mayor and the city council at the E-mails listed
down below. You can also call Burlington City Hall at 802-865-7272 or 865-7000, politely say:
No Burlington Gun Control!
Want to send an email to all city councilors , the Mayor, the Chief of Staff and Chief Administrator?
Take the following, highlight it all, right-click on the highlighted portion, click copy, then start an email and right click on the “to:” then click paste.
No Burlington Gun Control!,,,,,;,,,,,,,,,,,,