H124 is DEAD

Gun rights activists,

petitions, prayers and attendance at last saturday’ rally have paid off
today big time!  The most obnoxious of the bills from the Linda
Waite-Simpson Cult Of Gun Grabbers IS DEAD!

See link to story below.

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You Decide

The AP reported were 300 people at the pro-gun rally at the Vermont State House on Saturday, Feb. 23rd. WPTZ reported there were 300 people at the anti-gun rally at the Vermont State House on Saturday, Feb. 16th. The Read More

Make Those Calls

Please call the members of the Vermont House of Representative below to tell them: “No to H.124, 243, 335 and 336”  Rep. Linda Waite-Simpson has said she is not

really hearing much at all from her Essex Junction district residents Read More