Please attend these important meetings!
This Friday, January 17, at noon, the Burlington City Council will have a meeting addressing it proposed gun control ordinances.The second meeting is Monday, January 27 at 7:00 p.m.
It is important that those who support gun rights in Vermont show up at these hearings and speak against passing these gun laws.

Our Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights protects our state from a conflicting patchwork of conflicting ordinances. This law has
served our state well since 1988. This law is why hunting, fishing, trapping, shooting, reloading, gun ownership and the ranges
in Vermont exist and yet we are among the very lowest crime states in the country. If just one municipality gets an exemption
to this law, towns/cities will be looking for regulate or ban the activities protected by the Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights.

The legislature is back in Montpelier and will be watching the turnout of our folks to see if gun owners have lost interest in
protecting their rights. There are some legislators who believe our ranks have dwindled or lost the fire to fight for gun rights.

In addition, Please E-mail the Burlington City Government by copying and pasting the following email list into an email and tell them:
‚ÄúPlease end your attack on legally-owned firearms and the Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights!”;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;