Letter to the House re: S.4 (S.30)

Dear legislators,

It is now imperative that you sustain the Governor’s veto of S.4 (formerly S.30).

Since 2013, a partisan “war” on lawful gun owning citizens has been waged in Montpelier.

This bill is yet another in a long line of almost seventy (70) anti-firearm rights bills in the last five (5) sessions, that have sought to completely undermine Article 16 of the Vermont Constitution through incrementalism.

The Vermont Constitution states that laws be created for the purpose of protecting Vermonters, yet these anti-gun rights bills actively seek out to disarm lawful Vermonters, obliterate due process, and publicly demonize lawful citizens who do not wish to be subjugated by the government.

Article 1 of the Vermont Constitution states; that Vermonters are independent, not dependent, on government; that Vermonters have the unalienable rights to defend life and liberty, and to possess and protect their property; and lastly to obtain happiness and safety.

S.4 restricts Vermonter’s unalienable right to defend their life (or the lives of others), delays when Vermonters can protect themselves; and limits Vermonter’s safety by restriction of where they may lawfully carry firearms.

Article 6 of the Vermont Constitution states that public officers are servants of the people, yet the sponsors and legislators who support these anti-rights bills, take their direction from the testimony of national anti-gun lobbyists, and their campaign money from out-of-state donors.

S.4 further tramples on the rights of firearm owners in Vermont at the behest of national groups.

Article 7 of the Vermont Constitution states that government is, or ought to be, instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security of the people (Vermonters) and not for the particular emolument or advantage of any single person, family, or set of persons, who are a part only of that community, much less for persons and organizations who are NOT part of that community (They are NOT Vermont residents!) Just because Michael Bloomberg funds the largest lobbying firm in Vermont, shouldn’t give him control over how Vermonters live their lives.

Gun Sense Vermont (a chapter of Bloomberg’s national Moms Demand) and Bloomberg’s Everytown lobby AGAINST Vermonters EVERY year and our state becomes more dangerous each year. In 2013 Vermont was the SAFEST STATE in the nation. Gun control bill after gun control bill have been passed into law year after year. Vermont has dropped to the FOURTH safest state in the nation. Gun control is HARMING Vermonters.

As if disarming the citizens isn’t enough for these same legislators, they also seek to dismantle our police force (S.68), leave our children defenseless (S.63) and in an effort to limit the effectiveness of the police, they changed the Justifiable homicide law to prohibit the citizenry from protecting strangers from crime (H.145).

This bill S.4 is just another nail in Vermont’s coffin.

From safest state to fourth place in eight years. Vermont is headed in the wrong direction.

Please Vote NO to S.4 and S.30, the Veto Override Bill.

Bob DePino,
Vice President, Gun Owners of Vermont