Gun rights advocates deliver petition to Gov. Shumlin

MONTPELIER, Vt. – Gun rights advocates delivered thousands of signatures to Gov. Peter Shumlin, demanding no changes to Vermont’s gun laws.

A day after gun opponents called on lawmakers to take up control bills that have stalled in the House, opponents of those bills carried their petition to the Statehouse.Though it’s clear Vermont law won’t change this year, gun rights advocates say it’s important to deliver the nearly 5,000 signatures to the governor’s staff.

“We had spent a lot of time and energy in the last six weeks collecting all these signatures and many letters signed, and we thought we owed it to the folks that put the energy into doing that to deliver these. It’s that simple, nothing more complicated,” said William Moore of Johnson.

Earlier in the day, the governor reiterated that any gun law changes should come from the federal level in order to apply to all 50 states. He says additional legislation would be unnecessary if residents of other states were as responsible with weapons as Vermonters.

By Kyle Midura