Gun Owners of Vermont Endorses Ted Cruz

For release 2/23/2016:

Ted Cruz is the only TRUE pro-gun candidate for the office of President of the United States.

Senator Ted Cruz has a proven history of “no-compromise” commitment to defending the Second Amendment.

The Gun Owners of Vermont are therefore proudly endorsing Senator Ted Cruz and will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him in his 2016 presidential race.

As President of the United States, Ted Cruz will continue to be the strongest voice in support of the Second Amendment in Washington.

Ted Cruz has voted AGAINST the new “Assault Weapons Ban”, magazine restrictions, waiting periods, and Universal Background Checks.

Ted Cruz has voted AGAINST the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, and has publicly stated as President he will remove the United States from the list of supporting nations.

Ted Cruz is currently working with national groups to enact legislation in Washington that will protect gun-owning veterans and those on Social Security Disability from having their Second Amendment rights revoked by bureaucrats.

Ted Cruz has sponsored legislation in Washington to enact “concealed carry reciprocity” for Americans who legally carry firearms for their defense.

Ted Cruz will work with the Armed Services Committee to address why our military personnel are forced to remain unarmed while on or off-duty.

Ted Cruz understands how the current administration is using the medical records of gun owners to create back-door rule changes that will create millions of newly “prohibited” persons, and will remove these and other unconstitutional “Executive Actions”.

There are countless challenges facing Americans every year, but constantly fighting to defend the Second Amendment from government overreach, shouldn’t be one of them.

This nation needs a true constitutional leader like Ted Cruz to protect the rights of all Americans, and bring stability back to our Republic.

Again, the Gun Owners of Vermont is honored to endorse Senator Ted Cruz for the office of President of the United States.

Ed Cutler
President, Gun Owners of Vermont