Gun Owners of Vermont Candidate Choices 2010

Gun owners of Vermont is doing something a little different this election cycle. Due to the lack of candidates responding to our questionnaires in the past, this year we are compiling our recommendations based on their pro-gun or anti-gun stance. This is not an all inclusive list but a list of those whom we consider truly pro-gun or truly anti-gun in their beliefs.

For U.S. Senate: Len Britton vs. Patrick Leahy. Len Britton is an NRA A rated candidate and seems pro-gun while Pat Leahy has an anti-gun voting record.

For U.S. House : Paul Beaudry vs. Peter Welch. We have spoken with Paul Beaudry at length and not only is he staunch pro-gun but he is also a shooter, military firearms instructor, never-met-a-gun-he-didn’t-like-guy and he is willing to work with us 100%. Rated A+ by us.

For Attorney General : We consider this a very important position in Vermont politics. The Attorney General’s office has a huge impact on Vermont gun laws. We have consistently fought against William Sorrel and his henchmen at committee hearings regarding Vermont gun laws. William Sorrell rates an F. We heartily endorse Karen Kerin. She has been a long time active member of G.O.Vt. and a staunch supporter of gun rights. She will absolutely defend Article 16 of the Vermont constitution and the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. constitution.

For State Senate :

Bennington-Dick Sears. He has always invited us to hearings, listened to our concerns, and stood by us. Rated A+.

Caledonia-Jane Kitchel. She is a shooter, hunter, and is willing to work with us. Rated A.

Caledonia-Joe Benning. Ed Cutler (legislative director for G.O.Vt.) has known Joe for years. Joe is not only pro-gun but pro-freedom in general. He will absolutely work with us and vote with us. Rated A+.

Rutland- Margaret “Peg” Flory. She has always worked with us and stood by us on all gun issues in the past. Rated A.

Washington- Anthony Pollina. We have spoken with Anthony at length over the years and we know he will work with us. Rated A.

Windsor-Alice Nitka. She has worked with us and stood by us on important anti-gun bills. Rated A.

Windsor-Henry Holmes. He has always been pro-gun and helped us when he was in the House Fish and Wildlife Committee. Rated A.

Windsor- Richard “Dick” McCormick. Richard has proven himself to be anti-gun several times in the past. He has an F rating from us.

State Representative:

Bennington 2-2- Mary A. Morrisey. Always supported us and is staunchly pro-gun. Rated A.

Chittenden-Ann Pugh. Ann has been extremely fair and accommodating to Gun Owners of Vermont.

Orange-Addison 1-Stewart Skrill. He is a long time member of G.O.Vt. and is staunchly pro-gun. Rated A+.

Washington 2- Anne B. Donahue. Ann backed us 100% throughout the “Lead Bill” hearings. Rated A.

Windham 1-Mike Herbert. We know Mike well from the past. He is a true pro-gun candidate. Rated A.

Windham 5-David Deen. We can’t say enough about how ant-gun David is. A gun owners worst nightmare. Rated F-.

Although this is not a total list of all the candidates ,these are the people we know well and can give accurate information about. We encourage our members to get to know their local legislators and let them know you and where you stand on your gun rights. Be active and be heard!