Gun Grabbers in Vermont


We have gone through the 2018 and 2019 legislative years that have seen Vermont legislators following the gun control agendas of the Bloomberg gun control campaigns.
The links below give you names and photos of the incumbent Vermont legislators who have supported gun control legislation. Just click on the link for your county and watch.
Your friends and relatives might like find this information quite useful. Standing together and voting are absolutely essential.

I am sending this email with links to the latest Real VT News show that exposes the VT legislators who voted for gun control laws. Most importantly, the show urges people to run for office to replace those gun grabbers.

Please note: there were so many gun grabbing legislators that I had to make three different versions of the show to fit in all their photographs. The result is a bit confusing.

If you do NOT have a Facebook page, each of these links takes you to a YouTube page showing the gun grabbers in the counties named:

Real VT News reveals gun grabbing reps for Addison, Caledonia, Washington, Lamoille, Orange, Rutland counties

Real VT News reveals gun grabbing reps for Windsor Windham, Bennington counties

Real VT News reveals gun grabbing reps for Orleans, Essex, Franklin, Chittenden, Grand Isle counties

If you DO have a Facebook page, this one link takes you to all three versions of the show posted on the Real VT News Facebook page:
Real VT News reveals ALL gun grabbing legislators

If Facebook users click their “share” icon, and non-Facebook members email these links to their friends, the message gets out even further.

I’ve got four more recruiting shows like this (healthcare, climate science, pension debts & multiple sins) ready to go. To help me keep getting this type of message out to big Vermont audiences, and hopefully recruit a slew of new conservative candidates, please consider making a serious contribution to your county committee.

Bottom line: If we’re going to Rescue Vermont, we must get the word out that we need a LOT of new conservative candidates to run for the Legislature in November 2020.

Bob Frenier

Please Note:
These links may not be active,please go directly to Real Vt. News for their list of anti gun reps.