Gun Control Campaigns are in Hyper Mode in Great Gun Control Campaign of 2016.

The gun control groups, their politician and the vast majority of the media are in a high level gun control campaign.

This is election year PR campaign and facts will not impede politics in the Great Gun Control Campaign of 2016.

Vermont is repeatedly one of the very lowest violent crime rate states in the nation. FBI statistics

Vermont constantly has an excellent hunter/gun safety record. VT F&W

Vermont is not a major source of guns to other states. BATFE statistics

Yet we are being told we need a semi-automatic firearm and standard magazine ban, Mandatory Background Checks and Use Watchlists that lack “Due Process of Law” on getting on and off these lists.

This is The Reason Our Folks Need to Vote. The future of all freedoms are at stake. Consider the following when you hear gun control positions:

An “assault weapon” is the classification of a semi-auto rifles based on a point system in the federal law that ran for years starting in 1994 and ended in 2004 when congress declined to extend it after the sunset.

The assault weapons were identical to the rifles of before and after the ban on the manufacture and sale to the public except for the exclusion of a flash hider on the end of the barrel, a bayonet lug and

a pistol grip on the rear stock. These rifles functioned identically to the semi-autos rifles of before and after the ban.

The presence of five cosmetic characteristics: an adjustable rear stock, a pistol grip, a lug that secures bayonet or the device that used to reduce the muzzle flash has nothing to do with the manner in which the rifle functions and a mount for a grenade launcher. None of which played any role in these terrorist attacks.

“Assault rifles” are automatic firearms which gun control activists, politicians and the media interchange with the semi-automatic rifle, the Modern Sporting Rifle . MSR bans do not deter crime. See below:

The AR-15 is not a military rifle. The standard battle rifle of the U.S. Military has had an automatic fire capacity since adopting the M-14 in 1959. For approximately 56 years the U.S. Military has not

used a semi-automatic only firearm as its battle rifle. Semi-automatic firearms have been in existence, available for private citizen ownership for more than 100 years.

There is no “gun show loophole” as there is no exemption or exception in the NICS background check system for gun shows. Checks are done at gun shows just like everywhere else. If anyone says

there is a “gun show loophole” ask them to cite the statute or regulation that creates same.

The reason gun rights defenders oppose the “Watchlist” bans is because the proposed bills have lacked “due process” in how a person gets placed on such a list or gets off it. See ACLU article below:

There many millions of Modern Sporting Rifles and obviously and tens of millions of other semi-automatic firearms. Semi-automatic guns constitute the majority of firearm sales in this country and these

repeated gun control campaigns serve to drive sales to record levels. A Modern Sporting Rifle ban will be ineffective in deterring violent crime.

The Orlando firearms were acquired through a FFL, went through a NICS check and was a licensed security guard. It has reported that this was an ISIS motivated terrorist attack

The San Bernardio, CA terrorist attack were purchased through a FFL.

The violent crime numbers are constantly highest in the inner cities areas with the most restrictive gun laws. If gun laws made citizens safe Chicago would be a model of low crime.

Who is going to argue that is the case?

What is happening is a political PR campaign in an election year. Until this nation deals effectively with violent criminals and gangs, instead of political PR gun control campaigns, those few inner cities

will continue to experience high levels of violent crime completely out of line with the rest of the nation. Gun owning voters needed in 2016. No excuses, our like-minded friends and family need to Vote!