Essex Ordinance Update

Tonight the Essex Select Board held a public hearing on its proposed mandatory gun range registration/licensing ordinance.

The gun rights folks had a solid turnout at the hearing. The Select Board was clearly motivated by the numerous statements
and objections of the gun rights folks at the last hearing to do more research.

Tonight the Select Board removed the requirement for a landowner to register and pay for a town license to be able to conduct
shooting on their property. Also, removed was the requirement for the land owner to have a $500,000.00 insurance shooting
range policy on their property and the posted range signage requirement.

The Select Board is going to review its current firearms discharge ordinance and interact with local officials in Colchester and
Williston, and the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs on a developing a proposal for achieving public safety.

The next scheduled hearing is scheduled for Monday, October 7.

Way to go Essex!!