Would you rather break into a home where the owners were armed and their firearms were readily available or would you rather break into a home where the guns are “secured” under lock and key? Wouldn’t that make your job to rob,rape and pilfer that much easier?

Below is a list of people who feel that if everyone  HAD  to lock their guns up Vermont would be a safer state. The rhetoric of “saving one life” is their motto.They wish to impose their feelings on everyone else in Vermont by making it mandatory to lock up your guns instead of having it be a personal choice like it is now.

Please note that this list of “concerned citizens” is clueless regarding self defense yet they wish to jeopardize the safety of the  rest of responsible gun owners in Vermont. “Please wait while I unlock my gun” is what honest citizens will have to   say while an intruder is breaking in. The absurdity of it all  is overwhelming.

Please call the Srgt. at Arms at 800-322-5616 and tell him we do NOT want any more gun control in Vermont. No to H243!