Another Threat to Gun Owners in Vermont

Here we are again folks, a new week and a new threat!
H.R.11 was introduced on the SAME day as the Charter Change hearings!!
“House resolution relating to amending House Rules to allow municipal charter bills to be read three times without referral to committee”
This resolution will allow the anti-gun legislators to slide the unconstitutional Burlington Charter Changes directly to the floor for a vote, WITHOUT going to Committee to hear testimony or receive public comment!!!
This resolution would eliminate the democratic process and allow anti-gun politicians to enact gun control in Vermont without recourse!!
Coincidentally, the ONLY sponsor is Rep. Timothy Jerman (TOOK $1,700 OF Gun$en$e Money!)
Again, we need to notify our legislators of our position.Contact your House of Representative member(s) by calling the Sgt-At-Arms staff at 802-828-2228 and leave them the message
“Please OPPOSE H.R.11, OPPOSE the Background Check bill, OPPOSE the Homeowner’s Insurance and Gun Possession bill, and OPPOSE ALL the Burlington Charter Changes.”