An Important Message from the Sportsmen’s Federation

The antis in Vermont had their big event on Saturday.
The media gave them more free PR work, first with
pre-event publicity and then its coverage.

The City of Burlington continues with its political attack
on the Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights.

It has been a year of the right to own firearms, gun
owners and their organizations being attacked by gun
control groups, with anti politicians support and the media.

At the end of the year, after the worst attacks in over a
decade, gun rights are intact and the attendance at gun
control events is pathetic. Gun Shows have huge attendance.
Look at the turnout at the Vermont events of the antis yesterday.
Of the approximately 10 people who showed up at the event
hosted by a gun control group at the Vermont State House,
several were gun control bill sponsor legislators.
At best no other events they called for had larger attendance.
The media had to crop the photos to try to avoid the dismal
attendance being obvious to the public. The media used cold
weather as a factor. It was just as cold when six hundred gun
rights supporters showed up at the state house earlier this year.

The legislature returns in about three weeks and for all of the
free pre-event publicity and other coverage the media has
provided, the antis have no stronger grassroots support than
dismal attendance attendance at the anti events make clear.

Our course of action is obvious: We stand strong, We stand
together and We defend our Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights.

There is no grassroots support for the antis agenda of
more Vermont gun control and the reason is simple: The
gun laws in Vermont result in our state constantly having one
of the very lowest crime rates in the country. Vermont, New
Hampshire and Maine are year after year, in the five lowest
crime rate states in the U.S.A.. This is because our laws work.

Yet the antis continue to demand that these states enact
the restrictive gun laws of NYC, NY, CT and MA, that result
in their higher crime rates. Proving their gun control laws fail.

In the new year we work at the state house, we oppose the
City of Burlington gun control campaign and keep intact our
Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights as the law of this state.
Stand strong and stand together and We are a formidable force.