A Message from Our Friends at Gun Owners of New Hampshire – Please Read!

Unfortunately, Senators are now telling people that “you don’t understand” and that “they voted to proceed to the gun control bill on Thursday, April 11, even though they oppose the contents of the bill.” Huh? They voted to allow debate on a bill they oppose? Why not just kill the bill? That, my friends is Washington D.C. double speak! We need to double down to save our rights! I need you to keep calling and emailing Senators Ayotte and Shaheen and tell them you will not accept any compromises or “deals” on the Toomey-Schumer-Manchin sellout on gun control. The battle is not over yet and we still think we have a good chance to defeat this bill. The Senate will probably commence voting on gun issues possibly Wednesday, April 17 – and it could continue for several days. But if we do win, it’s no thanks to Senators Ayotte and Shaheen who stabbed gun owners in the back. In my last email (which is posted on the NHFC website click here to read it). I told you about some of the more heinous provisions of the Toomey-Schumer-Manchin sellout. As I read and re-read this proposal I am finding even more, like a handgun ban for 18- 20 year olds; and even though the Attorney General and Department of Justice are prohibited from establishing a gun registry, the ATF doesn’t believe copying information from 4473s is a registry, so this protection is a big nothing-burger. But one of the worst provisions is the gutting of the hard fought 1986 Firearms Owners Protection Act.(FOPA)(18USC926A). You see under current law, a firearms owner may transport an unloaded and encased firearm through Soviet style states like New York and New Jersey if, and only if, the firearm is lawful at his/her point of origin and final destination. That means a New Hampshire resident may travel by car to his/her winter home in Florida with unloaded firearms. The Toomey-Schumer-Manchin sellout changes that. Now there is a new definition that includes a new exclusion for a person intending to commit any firearms crime punishable by more than year of imprisonment. In some states, such a crime includes merely not having a state-issued gun permit. So now let’s suppose that the New Hampshire resident is going to Florida. On the way, he travels through Massachusetts. Under current law, the 1986 FOPA protects him. Under Toomey-Schumer-Manchin sellout, Massachusetts can arrest and imprison him, and he will have no federal defense. In Massachusetts, possession of a firearm without a state permit is punishable by imprisonment up to to 2 years. Possession outside one’s home or business is a sentence of 2.5 to 5 years, with a mandatory minimum of 18 months. New Jersey and New York City also have penalties of over one year for simple possession without a local permit. A New Hampshire resident might qualify for some exemption under the laws of Massachusetts, New York City, or New Jersey. Or perhaps not. What we know for sure is that today the the traveler is protected by FOPA, and if Toomey-Schumer-Manchin sellout passes, he will not be. There are several other states where the relevant penalty is up to one year. Every one of them can exempt itself from FOPA by simply increasing the penalty to 367 days. Because of the way that the Senate rules are structured, if we can get 41 votes (out of 100) against the Toomey proposal, we can defeat his amendment – and that will probably result, like a house of cards, in the rest of the bill going down as well. Here’s what you need to do to help: Call Senators Ayotte and Shaheen and tell them the only acceptable vote is a vote AGAINST CLOTURE on the Toomey-Schumer-Manchin proposal. Do not let the office staff try to tell you they are against the bill but for debate. Senator Ayotte has been telling people this and to be quite frank with you it is an anti gun response. If Senator Ayotte is truly against the bill she will vote NO on cloture. Please do not delay your calls. This could come up as early as Wednesday, April 17. Senator Kelly Ayotte: Washington, DC – 202-224-3324 Manchester, NH – 603-622-7979 Nashua, NH – 603-880-3335 Portsmouth, NH – 603-436-7161 North Country Office – 603-752-7702 Click here to Email Senator Ayotte. Senator Jeanne Shaheen: Washington, DC – 202-224-2841 Manchester, NH – (603) 647-7500 Claremont, NH – (603) 542-4872 Nashua, NH – (603) 883-0196 Dover, NH – (603) 750-3004 Berlin, NH – (603) 752-6300 Keene, NH – (603) 358-6604 Click here to Email Senator Shaheen. Finally, please copy, forward and distribute this email to all your gun owning friends and family members. As always, thanks for your support.

I remain, respectfully, in liberty, very truly yours,
Jonathan R Evans
Jonathan R. Evans, Esq.
President – NHFCnull