A Brief Article About Libertarianism.

By Archie.

A great many people, including many who consider themselves libertarian, confuse libertarianism and what it is and what it stands for because they look at it through a piecemeal lens. If one steps back and realizes that all of libertarianism flows from one unified set of principles, it becomes clear that libertarianism is neither “left” nor is it “right”; it is its own philosophy: the philosophy of human freedom – in all aspects of humanity, social, fiscal, and conscience; it is the culture of all non violent – and non fraudulent – expressions of these.

Libertarianism is not dictated policy by policy – but rather, it is grown organically via one root philosophy: self ownership and equal human rights expressed through the non aggression principle. This principle states: “it is immoral to initiate force or fraud against a non consenting person”.

Libertarianism stands in opposition to government today because government today has left behind the root cause of its existence: service to and defense of equal and inalienable human rights.

Libertarianism does not stand against law, it in fact compels law into existence; for it is only through law that the peaceful may hold accountable the criminal (those who eschew all law excepting themselves, thereby declaring themselves owners of other people).

To look at libertarianism as singular facets, and not see the pattern of the whole, is to miss its centrality in non aggression, and make the fundamental mistake that it is “anti government”. It is, in fact, pro humanity.