GoVT Legislation Alert – ACTION NEEDED



House bill H.533 (An act relating to victim notification) was hijacked by the SENATE JUDICIARY last Tuesday to introduce a previously UNSEEN 8 page anti-hunting bill apparently backed by the Humane Society of America!

This Senate amendment, updated further by the House Committee of Conference, was designed to give radical out-of-state lobbying groups (like HSUS & PETA) and radical Vermont anti-hunting groups (like POW & the VT League of Cities & Towns) into the Vermont Legislative, Judicial and Law-Enforcement branches, and to PAY them compensation and expenses to those members chosen to fill these positions!

This bill was modified between Tuesday 5/3 and Friday 5/6 with a final vote at NINE PM on Friday!!!

In fact, the bill change was so SECRET, the LAST line of the bill states: “And that after passage the title of the bill be amended to read: An act relating to victims’ rights and animal welfare“.


The altered bill was PASSED 74 to 67 while the state website showed NOTHING about the altered bill!

This bill is dangerous to the legislative process and a threat to hunting, trapping, and fishing in the state of Vermont.

We need YOUR help to STOP THIS BILL NOW!

Please contact Governor Peter Shumlin at 802 828-3333, or fill out the Email form here:

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Please tell the Governor to “Please VETO H.533 because of the anti-hunting amendment added last week by the Senate.”
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Together, hunters, trappers, fisherman and firearm enthusiasts, can stop outside influence over Vermont politics!

Pass this message onto ALL YOUR friends, family and hunting buddies and Cross-Post on other gun & hunting Facebook pages!

Emails and phone calls should be raining into Montpelier Monday & Tuesday!

Yours in Liberty,


To see an analysis of this bill click here!

Even other legislators dislike the tactics that were seen with this bill:
Notes from Montpelier: Last-minute amendments create Wild West frenzy By Carolyn Partridge