What We Do

Recently, at a Gun Owners of Vermont meeting, the board was asked a few questions namely
1) What is our strategy?
2)How do we reach out to minority youth?
3)How do we attract young people in general to join the Gun Owners of Vermont?
As a group, the Gun Owners of Vermont has tried numerous tactics to make the general public aware of us and to welcome any progun individuals to join our group.This includes mailing application card stock (with a brief synopsis of who we are and contact information on them)to every gun shop and firearm dealer in the state so that they could distribute them to their customers and/or leave them on the counters for anyone to take.
We have hosted B-B-Q “meet and greets” for our members and their local legislators.
We have collaborated with other Vermont progun groups to produce huge rallies on the steps of Montpelier.
We have set up informational booths and tables at shooting events hosted by Rod and Gun clubs and we have attended several gun shows every year throughout the state.
Every election year the board mails out questionnaires to everyone running for the House, Senate,Leuit. Govenor, and Govenor. The questions pertain only to gun control and what the candidates’ views are in general about firearms. We then compile the results and pass that information on to our membership. With this knowledge our members can make the best choices at the voting booth.
We have given scholastic awards to our own eligible members’ children who were going on to college.
Of course, we also are on Face Book and have this website.These tactics are on going and it is
all for public relations but when we are asked what we do to recruit minorities or youth and how we reach out to them , the plain answer is, that is not our purpose. We are a volunteer lobbying grass roots organization, not a youth firearms club.We expect parents and families to educate their own children and we expect the schools to teach our children the Bill of Rights , American history, and laws which demonstrate how essential firearms are to Vermont and this country as a free nation.
The Gun Owners of Vermont are here for people to join and have a voice as a part of a larger entity fighting for our gun rights.We accomplish this by attending committee hearings in Montpelier and educating law makers on what they are creating , not what they feel justified in doing.This is our main goal.We do not “strategize”per se. We are counter active by proving to the lawmakers what they can do and what they should not do and by getting our membership involved by having them call their legislators,attend rallies and hearings and voicing their opinions.If Montpelier chooses to ignore our rightful demands , we try to vote them out.
The Gun Owners of Vermont has also assisted in several law suits and legal battles throughout the years including the Vast Trails issue, open carry in Vermont cities,police intrusion for concealed carry, etc.
What we have been doing for years IS our strategy but we can’t do it alone as just a board or as a single individual such as the president of the Gun Owners of Vermont. We rely on our members to get involved and participate in the whole legal process.This is OUR government and it is supposed to work for us, not against us.
The Gun Owners of Vermont was established in 1998 and we welcome everyone from all walks of life to join us in our fight to keep and defend our gun rights in Vermont.