Vermont Legislature: Proposed Bills 2017-2018
Gun Owners of Vermont

Pro-Gun Bills (House): 4Anti-Gun Bills (House): 12Unknown Bills (House): 2House Bill Listing
Pro-Gun Bills (Senate): 2Anti-Gun Bills (Senate): 4Unknown Bills (Senate): 0Senate Bill Listing
Current Bills in Play:Step-by-Step analysis of the 2017-18 gun control session:
S.6/H.151 Universal Background Check Registration.
H.422 Unconstitutional Firearm Confiscation at the scene of a domestic incident.
S.221 Extreme Risk Protection Order Confiscation (otherwise known as "Gun Violence Restraining Orders" by Michael Bloomberg's Everytown and the Violence Policy Center).
H.876 Bump Stock Ban
Current Gun Bills in Play

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Last Updated: 04/09/2018
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